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Tricks of the Trade With Judy Rice - Pointe Shoe Expert Tips

80 min DVD

  • Pointe shoe fitting
  • Ribbon and elastic placement
  • Ribbon and elastic sewing
  • Manipulation of the shoe
  • Ribbon tying
  • Product showcase

This is the perfect pre-pointe video for teachers and students (although it’s not just for the beginning student). Even if you are an experienced dancer, this video will be extremely beneficial to you. Judy Rice has shared these methods with students all over the world and often the most experienced dancers are the ones most thrilled with the information.

There are many methods for getting students set up and ready for their first class on pointe. This demonstration will make crystal clear the "dos and don’ts" of getting the student prepared to take a pointe class. It encompasses pointe shoe fitting, ribbon and elastic placement and sewing, manipulation of the shoe so that it is more comfortable and functional for the dancer, and the correct way to tie ribbons. Each section is properly executed with a demonstrator and then shown again in even more detail in separate chapters. To conclude the video, Ms. Rice shows how to use various "Tricks of the Trade" to deal with blisters, bruised toenails, corns and bunions. These are tried and true tips that really help make your "Pointe work Painless".

JUDY RICE � Associate Professor of Performing Arts at the University of Michigan began her training at the Jordan College of Music at Butler University. At the age of 11 she accepted a full scholarship to The National Ballet School of Canada. Upon graduation she continued her studies at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City where she became a member of The Joffrey Ballet Center Concert Group, which was followed immediately by becoming a member of The Joffrey Ballet. Later, as a member of American Ballet Comedy, she toured extensively through Europe, Canada and the United States. Television credits include All My Children, Fame, and The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. In New York City, Ms. Rice has served on the faculty for The Joffrey Ballet School and Steps. She has also served as guest teacher for many regional companies and studios across the US and Canada. She is a frequent judge and master teacher for Company Dance, Dance Masters of America, Dance Educators of America, 3D Dance Network, Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, Dance Masters Teacher Training School, The Joffrey Ballet School, The Joffrey Midwest Workshop and the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago.

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