Behind Barres DVD Series

Pointe Work: The Next Step

80 min DVD

  • How to execute "working in the shoes"for the first time
  • The "do's and dont's" of getting on and off pointe
  • A full beginning pointe barre
  • Jet Glue® demonstration on bringing dead shoes back to life
  • Review of DVD I and other Behind Barres products
  • Special bonus: An elementary/intermediate ballet barre

This is the second volume in the pointe series from Behind Barres. You will be treated to footage from two different shoots that occurred six months apart. The actual pair of pointe shoes that Judy Rice selected and prepared for our demonstrator, Joan E. Mann, for Volume I, were returned to the scene well worn (nearly destroyed) which gave us the perfect opportunity to have Judy demonstrate her "life saving" technique for retrieving a few more classes out of a pair of dead pointe shoes. Joan E. wears these same shoes for the second portion of the pointe barre.

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