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Carolyne Anthony's Healing Exercises for Diastis Recti

61 min DVD

  • Definition of diastis recti in men and women and what causes it.
  • Re-aligning the rectus abdominus with manual manipulation
  • Rehabilitation exercises for males with diastasis recti
  • Exercises for post-partum C-sections.
  • A week by week review of healing exercises.
  • An interview discussing a C-section healing experience.

Carolyne Anthoy is the founder and creative director of The Center for Women's Fitness in Ann Arbor, MI. Carolyne was raised in Malaysia and is a former dancer who began her professional ballet career in London, England. While there, she was introduced to Pilates by Alan Herdman. She continued performing in companies in Europe and Africa before her husband's job brought them to the United States. While pregnant, Carolyne turned her interest in movement to her own body and became very excited about developing pregnancy fitness and post-partum rehabilitation programs. As she develped these programs, she began getting requests from men who had issues with diastasis recti. She realized that both men and women could benefit from her program. Carolyne is a certified Master Pilates teacher and has taught fitness instructors, physiotherapists, doulas, yogis, dancers, and ordinary people around the world.

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