Behind Barres Sportswear

You Asked Us For It - Here It Is

We're delighted when we see you wearing our sportswear. Originally these were strictly for ourselves!

Please remember to state what size you want. Some of this gear comes designated as "M/OS" which means Medium/One Size but really seems to be a small/medium. We try to keep all sizes in stock.

Six Styles In All!

Behind Barres Baseball Cap

> click to see larger White hat. The cool-looking variety


California Fleece Zip Hoody

> click to see larger 100% cotton, Asphalt. NOT cumbersome (but warm)



Pink Polo (by request)

> click to see larger 100% cotton, these puppies are excellent quality. They actually maintain their color and shape and resist pilling



White Lightweight Hoody

> click to see larger 100% cotton - Judy loves these darn things! Consequently they're back by popular demand



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Judy Rice demonstrates "life saving" techniques for retrieving a few more classes out of a pair of dead pointe shoes.

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